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Solospun Weavable Singles
When launched Solospun was considered only as a versatile, cost-efficient and effective substitute for conventional two-fold, Sirospun or sizing processes.

But as producers of long-staple yarns continue to seek ways of lowering processing costs, the Solospun technology, with its potential to reduce yarn hairiness, increase strength and elongation, and improve lustre and stitch definition, is now being seen as a less expensive alternative to compact spinning.

Solospun is also being used by leading worsted spinners, particularly in the Far East, to develop new, lightweight fabrics with a different handle. These innovative companies are making the best use of the yarn’s unique features.

As a simple attachment to the spinning frame, Solospun subtly changes the yarn structure, producing a weavable singles yarn. It significantly increases the abrasion of the yarn surface, enabling it to be woven as warp without a subsequent two-fold operation or the need for sizing.

Solospun also improves spinning productivity: only half the length of yarn needs to be spun to obtain the same amount of fabric. And as spinning is at twice the normal count, there is greater efficiency through reduced end-breakage rates.

Solospun can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a compact spinning frame. The low-cost technology requires no alteration to the spinning machine and can be installed quickly with a minimum of down time.

Installing Solospun could not be easier. The plastic rollers are simply clipped in pairs to the drafting arms of the spinning frame. These rollers split the roving and prevent twist reaching the nip.

The sub strands are then recombined in such a way as to increase dramatically the fibre security. This results in a yarn that is visibly indistinguishable from a normal singles yarn, yet sufficiently resistant to abrasion to be weavable in the warp.

The spinning frame can be returned to conventional spinning within minutes.
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