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The Sirolan Laserscan instrument measures individual fibres from Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Angora and Linen etc.

The fibre snippets are measured by laser and produces accurate measurements with minimal sample preparation to obtain: mean fibre diameter (in microns), coefficient of variation of diameter (per cent), a diameter distribution of histogram (per cent of fibres in 1 micron class intervals), fibre curvature in degrees/mm, comfort factor (per cent of fibres less than 30.5 microns for wool).

Mean fibre diameter is measured by the Laserscan with results reported as micron meters (microns). Typically 1000 fibres are measured in less than 40 seconds. Because the measurements are made on individual fibres, a distribution of the diameters on the sample can be accumulated and graphed as a histogram.

Also the coefficient of variation of fibre diameter can be calculated.

Sirolan Laserscan has full International Wool Textile Organisation Test Methods status (IWTO-12-00) and consequently results may be certified and applied in wool trading.
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