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Frequently Asked Questions
What if I can't find a product online?
ITEC has a wide range of products so if can't find what you are looking for please contact us
Can Laserscan only be used to measure wool?
The Laserscan can measure any natural round fibre including Alpaca and Mohair
Can the new Almeter be used with the an old Fibroliner?
The new Almeter has been specifically designed to be used with the Fibroliner allowing customers upgrade their Almeter without having to purchase any additional equipment.
Can the Almeter be used without the Fibroliner?
No, the Fibroliner has to be used to prepare the sample for the Almeter to ensure the accuracy of the results
Are the Almeter and Fibroliner spares suitable for all ages machines?
As the AL100 and FL100 have changed very little since their original design, the vast majority of the spares are interchangeable.
Do you a have any other spares not illustrated on the Web site?
Yes the web site only shows a selection of the spares we stock, if you have any specific requirements please contact us directly.
Do you have to purchase a complete FAST system or can you buy individual components?
Other than the PC and FAST 4 template, the whole FAST system has to be purchased, however do stock some reconditioned units can be purchased separately (if available)
Is there a guarantee with the instruments?
All our instruments are guaranteed for 12 months after installation.
Do you offer installation and training?
Yes, we offer full installation and training for all the instruments we sell, which we highly recommend.
Do you sell these goods worldwide?
Yes, if you cannot find an Agent in your country, please feel free to contact us directly.
What is the delivery time for machines?
Our standard delivery is 8 weeks on all our instruments.
What is the delivery time for spares?
Most spares are available Ex stock.
Can we connect the new Almeter to a Network?
Yes, the new Almeter is Network enabled.
Do you supply reconditioned instruments?
We do occasionally have reconditioned instruments for sale, please contact us with your requirements.